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To Deal With Office Bullying, Build Connections To Power

Bullying is a completely unnecessary annoyance especially in the workplace. Just imagine, you’re trying to do your job. And then all of a sudden, the bully comes in to criticize you, point out your flaws, and basically whatever it takes to make you feel bad about yourself. Sometimes, the bully is in the form of your domineering boss. He uses his influence to make you work on just about everything. There are many forms of abusive and damaging behavior in the office. And sometimes, it can be very hard to prevent or avoid.

We all know that bullying is always wrong. In addition to that, it’s very unprofessional. It makes the office a very toxic and stressful place. It halts productivity and discourages employees from building amicable working relationships. So in today’s article, we will talk about one effective way to deal with bullying or how to survive workplace bullying. And it does not involve asking help from the HR department or confronting the bully.

Build connections to people in power

To deal with bullies in the office, surround yourself with other managers and supervisors. Interact with the decision makers. Get yourself involved in more important projects. If you don’t have an opportunity to join special projects, then just interact with managers and supervisors in social gatherings. You can even explore the possibility of getting one of them as your mentor.

Why it works

Although this is an informal way of addressing the problem, it is still a very effective approach. You see, bullies target those people whom they think is less capable than them. The bullies think that their targets are weak, non-confrontational, and easily manipulated. This is usually because the targets are either less experienced or naturally passive or introverted.

When the bully sees that the influential people in the company trusts you and have confidence in you, then he will realize that you are in the position to damage his career. The bully will see that you are not powerless at all. He will see that you can be proactive and that you will not just allow yourself to be belittled.

Why the more popular methods don’t work

Thinking of consulting someone from the HR? Think again. It is important to be aware of the fact the HR department is not capable of making decisions. They are unable to protect you. Worse comes to worst, you’ll find yourself in a situation where it’s between you and the bully. If the bully if your manager or someone who contributes a lot to the company, then you might find yourself having to pack your things and look for a new employer. Also, talking to the bully is not the best way to you. You see, bullies don’t easily change. When you call out their unprofessional behavior, it will only make them defensive. In addition to that, it will heighten the aggression that they have towards you.

Creating Opportunities To Get The Perfect Job

How many jobs have you applied to and what has been the ratio of the interviews you have been to? It doesn’t matter much whether or not you clear an interview, but if you are not even getting an interview call, you definitely need to check things up. Here, we are going to help you address this problem specifically.

The preparations

When you are not even getting an interview call, it infers that you haven’t put in the right kind of preparations. We do agree that a lot of time there are so many applicants and so little vacancies that job interviews often might not convert but, when you are not even getting an interview call, the problem surely is in the way you have been submitting your application and resume. You can also check this linked web page for more advance guide and tips.

So, you need to sit and look out for the real cause. Once you find out the reason as to why things are not shaping up the way you want them to, you might need to address them. So, try to analyze the different applications you have submitted so far and sit down with your résumé.

You can always take a look at some of the sample résumé, see the way they have presented the details and try to compare both of them. A thorough comparison should give you a good insight about where things have gone wrong. Your résumé is one of the most important documents and this is why you need to pay special heed to it.

The selection panel makes use of the résumé to come to the right decision regarding whether or not they should call the applicants for the interview. So, if you have not devoted ample time to your résumé and you haven’t tweaked it on the basis of the job you are applying to, the chances of being called for an interview will be minimal.

So, you need to check a lot of different points as this will give you the best chance of landing an interview call.

Creating opportunities

Also, make it a point to create as many opportunities as you can rather than waiting for them to come to you. You have to put in your best of efforts look for possible job vacancies, try and see if you know someone who can recommend you for a job of your choice.

You can also check out the letter of interest as a lot of people have managed to get a job that ways too. In the world of jobs, there are a lot of different ways but you need to know how to tap the right ones. So, do not lose hope, embrace optimism and positivity and then decide the best mode of action to take.

However, always remember that along with this, you should keep your preparations on so that if you get called for an interview, you can convert it to a job and thereby start your new career on a high note.

Project Management Specifics You Need To Know

Are you looking to earn your PMP certification? A lot of people crave to pass this exam but not everyone manages to succeed. You have to be sure that you are putting in the right kind of efforts and especially in the project management department owing to the kind of importance this subject has.

With the right project management skills, not only will it help you in preparing well for your PMP exam, but at the same time, it is also a good skill to be implemented in the corporate circle too. When you are working, you should put in the right kind of preparation. For any project to be successfully completed, it needs to go through all the five phases of the project life cycle.

There are a lot of people who tend to confuse between project life cycle and project processes. What one truly needs to understand is that you should keep an eye on the specifics of both these points. If you do not have a clear picture of the details; it would be hard to excel in it.

The project management life cycle

Every project will go through several phases before it attains completion. As a project manager, it is your responsibility to ensure that things are going as per plan and schedule. So you should make it a point to polish your skills in that department. Look at the different phases, check out the deliverables and the schedules and then work accordingly.

It is not easy but it isn’t too hard either. You need to know how to draw the line and strike the right balance. When the project is first incepted, you should away run a feasibility analysis. This is crucial because what is the point of investing so much time in a project when it is not even going to be feasible.

Further, the division of the tasks into smaller units which in turn can be assigned to different sub-departments is very crucial. As a project manager, it is your duty to understand which team is capable of handling which segment and this knowledge will allow you to maximize the output. You should make it a point to extract the most out of your team force and this can only be done when you can tap the strength of both the individual performers and the team as a whole too.

Aggregation is another crucial thing. When the tasks have been segregated and allotted and subsequently delivered, it then becomes your responsibility to integrate them. Aggregation of tasks, assembling them and then channelizing them for the next step is equally challenging. However, as a project manager, you need to be equipped to handle that stage too.

So, check out the details and then work on it. If you would like to work on your project management skills further, we would recommend checking out Deniz’s videos on YouTube. He knows well how to best handle the different parts and to make the most out of the individual steps. The challenge is tough, but it is going to be worth winning it.

The Importance Of The Skills Section In The Resume

When it comes to your resume, it can often be hard to understand the right details, especially if you have not prepared well for it. However, what you truly need to understand is that your résumé is one of the most pivotal documents of all time. Think of the time when you have just submitted an application.

Now, there is a whole selection panel which will be analyzing your résumé along with the filled application to decide whether or not to call you for the interview – do you even realize how important the résumé is?

Now, once again, you might be wondering which parts of the resume are the most important. Well, ideally we would like to say that you need to emphasize on the whole résumé, but then again do put extra emphasis on the résumé objective along with the skills listed. These are two of the core segments of your resume.

When you are listing the skills needed for a resume, you have to be sure about the particulars. Here are some of the details which you should keep in mind. This way you can help your selection chances substantially. If you want more additional tips, we would recommend go right here. It has some of the best articles which will give you important tips and helpful pointers they will definitely make an apt difference.

The soft skills

The soft skills pertain to the kind of skills which will help you iron out any kind of communication gap and also scour the right information. It also helps you in convincing your colleagues, peers, seniors and even clients. The art of oration, the presentation skills, lecture delivering all come under the soft skills. Making of a PowerPoint presentation is one of the core requisites which you will surely need and this is one of the most desired soft skills because a corporate job is all about projecting the perfect impressions.

The hard skills

The hard skills are the specific skills which pertain to a job. The kind of skills which you have that will ensure that you can carry out the different duties in a perfect manner justifies your hard skills. For the role of a programmer, your proficiency in the different computer language, the mastery in coding is all a part of your hard skills.

So, the key here is to prioritize the skills when listing them. You should make a thorough study of the job board and then you need to decide as to what is the right way of making an honest assessment. You will have you list both the skills if you want to make the cut. However, the order in which you do so and which skills are listed varies on the kind of job you are applying to.

Another important point to note here is that you should not be ambiguous. You need to be specific when listing the skills because trying to hoodwink the selection panel is not going to help your case. So, be straightforward and to the point and be hopeful that your listed skills will be in tandem with what the interviewer actually wants.

With the right kind of approach and some careful planning while writing the resume you might be able to convert your application to an interview call and this will surely help you in a lot of ways. So, start the preparation now and then give in your best.

In addition, please don’t forget to read our previous tips about creating opportunities to get the perfect job and click here. Good luck!